Meet Dory Miller, an 18-year-old climate activist from San Francisco, CA. who is the social media lead at the Bay Area Youth Climate Summit.
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Meet a changemaker

Sk*p is proud to report that Coachella is leading the charge to make music festivals more sustainable. 

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Sk*p Culture

We’re on a mission to replace every plastic bottle in your shower and help save the planet. We know change is hard. 
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Sk*p Culture , Sk*pcare 101

Southside Blooms, based on the Southside of Chicago, is a farm-to-vase florist and project of Chicago Eco House.
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We are especially proud to introduce you to 18-year-old environmental activist, policy changer, speaker and college senior­—meet Sena Wazer.
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Meet a changemaker

Fashion week is around the corner, which typically signals a lot of buzz and a seasonal wardrobe change. 
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