Do I need moisturizer in summer?

Sk*pcare 101

  • by Grace Connery
  • 3 min read

Going from winter to summer can be quite a big change and not only for your wardrobe but especially for your skin. While hot temps, sweat and rosy cheeks are all part of the vibe, the sun’s rays can be very damaging. So what does this mean for your skincare routine? Is moisturizer still necessary? Will it make your skin oily and clog pores? Will it come off with sweat? Let’s find out…


 Woman applying Sk*p mousturizer

Moisturizing matters

Unlike the harsh cold winters, the warm weather can create a lot of ups and downs for our skin. While a summer tan may look and sound appealing, the sun can leave our skin feeling burned and dried out. On the flip side, summer activities leave our skin feeling sweaty and oily by the end of the day. Despite these constant fluctuations, moisturizing is still an important part of a daily skincare routine especially in the warmer months. When combined with the right cleanser, moisturizing will not only keep skin clean and hydrated, but it helps to treat and prevent common skin problems. To combat dryness after a bit too much sun, a good moisturizer will rehydrate those dry areas, and by creating a barrier between the skin and the outside environment, it will help lock in the moisture being absorbed. On the days when skin is feeling extra oily from sweat and the warmer climate, moisturizing will help replace the excess oil in the pores and regulate oil production. 


Establish a good daily routine

During the warmer months, it feels like there is more moisture in the air. Between increased humidity and sweat it can feel like our skin is in over-hydration mode. Not only are these elements adding moisture to our skin, but an increase in sweat, oil, dirt and bacteria can lead to breakouts. Also, while your skin may feel overly hydrated, excessive heat and sweat can actually leave it dehydrated which increases the production of sebum (oil) causing an imbalance. Using a light non-comedogenic moisturizer in the morning will not clog pores but instead help lock in moisture and keep skin hydrated throughout the day— and moisturizing again at night will help replenish any of the moisture lost. One of sk*p’s super power ingredients, our g-honeybiome, will go one step beyond rehydrating and replenishing, it will also boost the natural moisturizing factor of the skin. Meaning it will boost the natural functioning of the skin’s microbiome, creating the ability to properly absorb and hold moisture.  


Mouisturizer texture

Incorporate or layer with a good SPF

One of the reasons we love summer is getting to spend more time outside enjoying the sunshine. But that also means more exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays. Not only can the sun burn our skin, but without even seeing its effects, the sun’s UV rays can cause early signs of aging (photoaging) and destroy the natural healthy oils and lipids, which help prevent water loss from our skin and keep it hydrated. Combined with a broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30+), using a daily moisturizer will replenish any of the oils lost from sun exposure and calm any potential burns. 


Why choose sk*p?

Now you’re convinced but how do you choose the right moisturizer for your skin? Over the course of a season, our skin can go from dry to oily and sometimes with a change in texture. Luckily sk*p’s face and body moisturizer (suitable for all skin types) is loaded with nourishing ingredients like g-honey biome which is made with a bio-fermented honey that balances the skin’s microbiome, making dry skin more hydrated and reducing excess oils. 

Keeping up with your skincare routine in the warmer months is the best way to keep your skin glowing, hydrated, and healthy!