Ingredient Highlight: Milk Thistle

Sk*pcare 101

  • by By Grace Connery
  • 2 min read

Each ingredient in sk*p’s clean formulas come together as a team, powering our microbiome boosting hair and body care products. One of these ingredients found insk*p’s face and body moisturizer is silybum marianum ethyl ester which may sound complex, but it’s actually a technical term formilk thistle—a purple flowering plant offering big benefits for your skin. 


Mortar and pestle with thistles


It was originally native to Asia and Europe, but has since spread all over the world. While it’s now being used in more skincare products today, the healing properties of this plant are not new. Milk thistle has long been used for centuries to help promote a healthy liver and proper brain function. And now it’s being used in skincare to help combat inflammation and damage caused by free radicals. Commonly dubbed an “anti-aging” ingredient, this popular additive works wonders in sk*p’sface and body moisturizer, as an extra layer of sun protection. While it shouldn’t replace an SPF, milk thistle does have the ability to act as an added barrier against damaging elements—UV rays, dirt, and bacteria—that our skin encounters daily. This natural ability to protect the skin, all in a lightweight and hydrating form, explains why the seed extract of this flowering herb is often associated with anti-aging properties. And we know that keeping our skin protected from sun damage is one of the best ways to keep skin looking healthy as you age. 




While milk thistle acts as a form of protection against outside elements, it can help to support what is happening beneath the skin’s surface too. At Sk*p, we love to share how our products have the power to balance out your skin’s microbiome, making dryer skin feel hydrated and oily skin feel less oily. Milk thistle isnon-comedogenicso it won’t clog your pores. Given its anti-inflammatory properties, milk thistle can help regulate oils in the skin and minimize any redness or swelling as a result of acne. 

This superstar medicinal plant is just one of the many all-natural, microbiome-boosting ingredients found in sk*p’s unique and innovative formulas. Wanna know why G-HoneyBiome™ is genius? Learn more about our ingredients.