sk*p's planet-friendly gift guide

Sk*p Culture

  • by Alexa Rosen
  • 4 min read

We know holiday shopping can be overwhelming, so sk*p’s got you covered. The brands we have chosen for this year all relate to sk*ps mission of being kinder to our planet. Whether they use sustainable materials, donate to environmental organizations, or are simply acknowledging that they need to make a change, we are inspired by the missions of each and every brand. Check out our 2021 gift guide for gifts your friends, family, and planet will love.



If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we love loungewear—especially the super soft organic cotton PJs from Pangaia. Beyond the goods, this materials science company is leading the way in developing innovative solutions for how fashion and nature can live more harmoniously. From climate-positive hoodies to ultra-comfy sneakers made from grapes—there is something for every eco-lover. Bonus: they even break it down to each product’s carbon offset in kilograms. Now that is shopping for good!


Don’t you want a pair of stylish sneakers that are actually helping to reverse climate change? That is definitely a gift worth giving. Allbirds highlights the carbon footprint for every product in their permanent collection, so you know you are part of the action. With plans to cut their carbon footprint in half by 2030, and to zero by 2050; this brand is setting the bar high for better footwear. Their sneakers are made from all-renewable materials like Brazilian sugarcane, and even the laces are made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. We are smitten.


Don’t leave home without something warm, cozy, and soft to trek around in while you shop till you drop. Or cozy on up with your laptop and favorite hot cocoa while you order Bombas gift sets for everyone on your list. Plus, for every pair you buy, another pair is donated to a homeless shelter with over 3,500 Giving Partners across the country.


Holiday travel can get messy, so you might need a sweet pick-me-up or gift to go. Chocolate is always a crowd pleaser, but chocolate truffles with compostable wrappers is a winning combination. A bite size piece of Alter Eco means you can eat chocolate while helping to restore forests at the same time. Bring one or two home for mom.


We know it can be tough to live a completely sustainable lifestyle, but acknowledging that you care is the first step, as per our new favorite lifestyle brand, Seek Discomfort. All their merch is made to order using organic cotton and natural dyes, and their packaging is recyclable. Oh, and they tend to drop one-off limited edition capsule collections with brands like lululemon, so you can still stand out in the crowd sporting that new hoodie. Let’s join them in their holiday mission of living life to the fullest while becoming more sustainable as every brand and human should do.


We all have those friends, or maybe it’s you, who needs to escape the cold for the holidays. And for those sunnier adventures you (or they) will need sunglasses. Sunski avoids plastic packaging, donates a percentage of sales to environmental non-profits, and pledges to become carbon neutral. A pair of sunglasses, made from recycled plastic, sounds like the perfect gift to us.



Snacking on the beach? Count us in. With Stasher’s collection of fun reusable bags, you are saving your oceans while simply sitting by the ocean. A portion of every Stasher sold is donated to high-impact nonprofits that are dedicated to preserving and rehabilitating our oceans. So sit back, relax, snack from your Stasher bag, and help save our oceans.


Everyone loves a good dinner party, and as much as we appreciate the food, we can all appreciate a gorgeous table setting. Bamboozle homeware, with its sustainable and colorful serveware, is sure to be the perfect addition to your holiday party. Bamboozle uses excess raw materials from eco-friendly bamboo, that can be harvested frequently without damaging the soil or landscape. It’s called “eco-chic”! Check out all of the stylish plates, bowls, trays, and kitchen tools Bamboozle has to offer.


Soma Water Bottles

A water bottle that will make heads turn whether it’s for a hike, your Pilates class, or a trip to the gym. Don’t worry, it still works great for an at home workout. Soma’s glass water bottle is not only design centric and sleek, but it uses all sustainable materials. Oh, and this certified B-corporation’s mission to bring safe drinking water to 663 million people is pretty incredible, too. For every Soma water bottle purchased, they donate to charitable water projects.

Last but not least...let’s sk*p to it!

Clean hair and body care products in a colorful paper carton? What??? Yup! It’s a must-have for everyone on your list. And trust us, these completely recyclable BeautyCartons are sure to become a regular fixture in every shower. Shop sk*p this holiday season with hair and body care that is not only kind to you, but also to our planet.