These formulas are ground breaking

Sk*pcare 101

  • by Jack Yates
  • 2 min read

While sk*p’s recyclable paper BeautyCartons™ are pretty cool on the outside, what is happening on the inside is pretty exciting too. The secret sauce aka G-HoneyBiome is designed to complement every skin type.

First let’s talk about the skin microbiome…what is it? This is a layer of micro-organisms that line our skin helping to protect us from such things as infection and inflammation while serving as a vital part in aiding our immune systems. As we age, our skin microbiome changes and adapts especially around puberty. But, alas, our body’s microbiomes are not invincible and can often suffer damage if we don’t use clean and natural products from the start.

Why should you use Sk*p?

Each of their products contain a unique proprietary ingredient called G-HoneyBiome. Impressive sounding but what does it actually do? Well, it’s actually quite simple to understand: the fermented G-HoneyBiome found in each of the formulas serves to supplement your skin’s natural protective microbiome. Think of it as boosting your body’s own natural protection by reinforcing it with more microbes. It’s very similar to the effect that eating probiotic yogurt can have on your gut health.

G-HoneyBiome makes what is already there even stronger. The inclusion of sustainably sourced honey means that you don’t just feel better but look better too. Honey has impressive natural benefits like moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. G-HoneyBiome as a whole works to boost our skin’s own natural moisturizing factor ensuring super soft skin for longer!

The nature of bio-fermentation also soothes sun damage helping to heal dry and cracked skin while also reducing the specific oil our body produces that can cause breakouts. G-HoneyBiome helps to nourish and balance even the microflora in our armpits that cause them to stink. All this good stuff packed within in each of our cartons ensures multiple benefits for your whole body!