About sk*p


: simply be kind to our planet

: Earth-friendly, natural, easy-to-use products made for you—and ready to share with everyone who loves our planet.

Sk*p was inspired by the generation it was created for: a generation that’s into self-care, but eco-aware. You know that taking care of our planet is just as important as taking care of your own skin and hair!

So we used natural, sustainable ingredients (including real honey from our own farm!) and recyclable, eco-friendly packaging (how cool are our cartons?) that will help your skin without harming your world. Join us in our mission: simply be kind to our planet (yep, that’s what sk*p means!)


Not just any bee can be a sk*p bee! 

Eighty of the strongest colonies (each containing 30,000-50,000 bees) in Greene County, NY were selected to relocate to a small but exclusive organic farm in Freehold, NY – the sk*p farm. 

Most of the hives came from other jobs in the region and were very experienced in pollinating stone fruit orchards (peaches, plums and cherries), berry farms and the ubiquitous apple orchards. They quickly adapted to the new position of Chief Pollination + Honey Making Officers of the brand’s patented Echinacea PurpureaGreenEnvy’ fields that bloom only in August.  

During this busy month, these elite worker bees collect the nectar from our ‘GreenEnvy’flowers and store it as honey in special “honey supers” that are put on top of each hive when the echinacea starts to bloom so as to not disrupt the core hive or distract the reigning queen from her daily repopulation duties.  Each colony produces 60-80 lbs of the world’s only echinacea ‘GreenEnvy’honey that outshines Manuka honey in its healing benefits, 

The sk*p bees and their hives have also shown signs of superior immunity after just one season of working in our ‘GreenEnvy’fields – attributed to the significantly higher amounts of cichoric acid in our plants. 

The sk*p bees are self-proclaimed workaholics, but value the role they play in both creating the key ingredient in sk*p’s G-HoneyBiome™ Complex and their contribution to a less toxic future for our world.


April Hardwick is a freelance writer and mom of three young environmental enthusiasts. She’s also a former market editor, which means she spent a lot of time looking at what types of products were being made—and what weren’t—until now. Her favorite part of her job is getting feedback on sk*p and getting to know the future change-makers of the world (you!).

Mark Veeder co-founded the award-winning natural skincare brand, Farmacy (so he knows a thing or two about clean and natural formulas). He is raising twin daughters and looking after a big family of bees that live on his upstate New York farm. These pollinators make the honey used in sk*p products. Fun fact: The name sk*p was inspired by Mark’s dad, Skip, who always told his sons, “Make the world a better place.”