At the heart of our mission and everything we do is a passion for the environment. Respecting and nurturing our planet and achieving a carbon-neutral footprint is our #1 goal.

We’re proud to be brave enough to lead the charge to break the beauty industry’s addiction to plastics. But we’re not perfect. We’re focused on harm reduction, not perfection! It’s a process. We promise to strive for continuous improvement and are already working to make our BeautyCarton even better and more eco-friendly –so stay tuned!

Choose BeautyCartonTM and make a difference

less plastic, less waste

  • Our fully recyclable BeautyCartons mean less waste and plastic polluting our oceans and filling our landfills. We’re soooo excited to have you help us continue to evolve our sustainability initiatives.
    BeautyCarton is made without BPA or VOC.

think inside the box

  • The paper used to create our BeautyCartons is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which means that the wood fiber used to make ‘em comes from a sustainably-managed forest and grown without the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides. For every tree that is harvested, another one is planted.

please recycle

  • Once you’re done with your sk*p product, it should be recycled—keep the cap on, and don’t flatten the box. It’ll go on to a new life where it can be used to make other essentials like tissue paper, paper towels and even notebooks!

SK*P x

We teamed up with Earth Day Network to promote climate literacy and restoration to do our part to help protect the world’s ecosystems.

Sk*p was featured alongside world climate leaders, scientists, artists and musicians in a live event streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Twitter.

Visit to learn more on how you can join the movement!