Sk*p the Plastic, Save our Planet
leading the charge

We’re leading the movement to reduce the amount of plastic in the beauty industry with our fully recyclable, shower-friendly paper BeautyCarton™.

BeautyCarton™ is made with paper sourced from sustainably managed forests and uses 95% less plastic than traditional beauty packaging. That means less plastic waste and pollution in our oceans and landfills each time you chose sk*p.

passion, not perfection
We’re proud to be brave enough to lead the charge to break the beauty industry’s addiction to plastics. But we’re not perfect. We’re focused on harm reduction, not perfection! It’s a process. We promise to strive for continuous improvement as we owe it to our planet to do better through meaningful action, accountability, and education. (We are already working to make our BeautyCarton™ even better and more eco-friendly – so stay tuned)!
Three pillars of sk*p sustainability
At the heart of our mission and everything we do is a passion for the environment. Respecting and nurturing our planet and achieving a carbon-neutral footprint is our #1 goal.
environmental stewardship

Not only do we reduce plastic waste going into our oceans, but we’re also helping to protect the ocean’s health by rebuilding the kelp forests in California. Did you know that oceans sequester more CO2 than any other ecosystem on Earth? That’s right, so for each sk*p product purchased, we donate to, a nonprofit organization that’s helping to restore and protect blue-carbon coastal ecosystems.

Trust & Transparency

We’re a brand that you can always count on to be honest and open to change, we’re figuring it out as we go and learning every day. Ask questions and send us your ideas, we’re all in this together! Help us be the change we all want to see in the world.


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